What is a replacement window?

Replacement windows are made for remodeling. They differ from a new construction window in several ways. For starters there is no “stock” sizes with replacement windows. Most manufacturers will let us order the windows in 1/8” increments and thus every window is custom sized to fit your openings. Also replacement windows do not have a nailing fin or flange. They are fastened with 3” screws through the jambs using pre-set screw holes. The jamb depth of a replacement window is also larger than a new construction window. Vinyl replacement windows have a 3 ¼ jamb depth where new construction windows typically have a 2 3/4“ jamb depth if they are aluminum or a 2 7/8” jamb depth if they are vinyl.

Why should I replace my windows?

Every home is unique and every homeowner has different goals and needs with their project. That is why we take a consultative approach. If your current windows are aesthetically unappealing, are old or faded, drafty, fogged, inefficient, sweat in the winter, missing screens, missing caulk lines, hard to operate, not secure, then replacement windows may be the right solution. Besides fixing the issues described above new windows can also add value to the home, increase curb appeal, increase safety, and increase energy efficiency and pride of ownership. Replacement windows may also reduce noise infiltration.

What are the different type of windows and which type should I use?

Vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and composite.  Aluminum windows can cost more than vinyl and will not meet most cities energy efficiency requirements for permitting.  In most situations an aluminum window will not be the right solution.  Wood, fiberglass, and composite windows are usually very aesthetically appealing but the warranties tend not to be as long and comprehensive as vinyl replacement windows. Beyond the increased maintenance aspects of a wood window is the cost.  The cost for wood or fiberglass windows can be very high.  Typically unless you are willing to budget at least $1500.00 per window then wood and fiberglass windows will end up being out of the question.  Vinyl windows by far have the largest market share for replacement windows for many good reasons.  They are more energy efficient, lower maintenance and lower cost than the other options.  The warranties also tend to be better.

Why should I hire Legacy Exteriors to replace my windows?

We have a solid track record and a passion for replacing windows.  If you want peace of mind, trust in your contractor, and quality products then we maybe the company to partner with.  We believe our pricing structure is competitive with the market and provides a solid value proposition however if you are want the lowest cost provider than please look elsewhere.

Does Legacy Exteriors offer FREE estimates?

Yes, we provide a free in home consultation and estimate.

I have my measurements and pictures can Legacy Exteriors provide a quote over the phone or by email?

No. We will not bid on a project “site unseen”. Frankly until we see the house and meet with you we might not be interested in the project.

I have already purchased windows/doors somewhere else and I am just looking for labor. Can Legacy Exteriors help me with my project?

No. We believe you are making a huge mistake but wish you the best of luck.

How long does the project take?

Typical turn time is 4-6 weeks. During construction we can typically install about 10 windows a day. During our consultation process we will give you a better indication of current work load and how many days we think your specific project would take us.

Do I need a building permit to replace my windows?

It depends on your municipality. Legacy Exteriors will handle any permitting requirements.

What are your warranties?

We provide you with a written lifetime limited warranty on our labor and most of the manufacturers we source from offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty on the materials used. Warranties typically even cover accidental glass breakage and seal failure.

Why do all the window warranties I see say lifetime "limited"?

Warranties are made to cover manufacturing defects and/or installation defects. They do not cover storm damage, fire, acts of god, abuse or neglect.

Do I need to be home during installation?

We need interior access to the home. Past that you are free to leave for work. Depending on your comfort level you are welcome to stay but we typically find our job is easier if you would clear out.

What manufacturers do you use?

Our two main suppliers are Simonton Windows and NT Windows. We have used over 20 different brands and have access to almost anything. If you have something specific in mind please let us know.

Do you offer financing?

Yes with approved credit. We work with Synchrony Financial and Enerbank USA. The most popular promotional financing we offer is an 18 months interest free plan from Synchrony.

What is your job minimum?


How much will my project cost?

Projects can vary wildly depending on several factors. Until we go through a consultation process the only thing we can tell you is it will be at least $2,500.00

What about my alarm system?

If your windows are wired for an alarm system you may need to schedule the alarm company to update contacts after the new windows are installed.

Do i need to move any furniture, take window treatments down or trim bushes before you guys start?

We will move any major pieces of furniture and take down the window treatments. We would like you to move any clutter around the windows. Also in certain situation we may need you to trim a bush back so we have access to the window.

Will you re-frame a wall to add or subtract windows or change a size of a window?

No. We believe you would be better served by hiring a Design Build General Contractor. Although we have done these projects in the past they are very time consuming, involve multiple subcontractors, and the permitting process can be a challenge. You may need blue prints made and an engineer to “stamp” your plan to make it through the permitting process.

How will you handle any issues that arise during construction?

We firmly believe that with construction there can and maybe will be at least one curve ball. It depends on the situation and what the issue is but we try hard to resolve any complaints. We need and want feedback from our customers and will respond appropriately.

Can there potentially be any collateral damage to my sheet rock and/or brick?

Yes. We try to inspect up front the current condition of the brick and sheet rock and will point out anything we see but beyond that until we start tearing out the old windows we won’t know. We do our best to try to minimize anything. 95% of the time any damage is so minimal most homeowner won’t notice it until we point it out if there is anything at all.

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